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Credit history

Credit history is the historical record of an individual’s credit transactions such as overdraft, credit cards, loans and their payments.

Credit Reference Agency

Credit reference agency is the organizations that collect and store data and records of an individual pertaining to credit records, payments and whether they were

Credit rating

Credit rating, also known as credit scoring, it is the process of lenders assessing whether an application for a loan should be approved or not.

Credit score

Credit score is what determines if a person is credit worth or not. Since most loans are unsecured, credit scores are very important to maintain

Credit Counselling Agency

Credit counselling agency is a non-profit organization or a for-profit company that provides credit counselling services to consumers. As part of these services agencies typically

Credit Report

Credit report is a summary that provides information to potential lenders of the risk involved in extending credit and the probability of repayment. It is


CTOS stands for CTOS Data System Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian company categorized as a Credit Agency. CTOS provides information system widely used by the majority

CTOS Score

CTOS Score is a three-digit number ranging from 300 (very bad) to 850 (very good). Prior to credit scores, financial institutions checked an applicant’s credit


CCRIS stands for Central Credit Reference Information System. is a system created by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) which synthesises credit information about a borrower or

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