Hong Leong Personal Loan

Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Loan Amount: RM2000 – RM250000
Loan Tenure: 2 to 7 Years
Interest/Profit Rate: 9% – 13.5%
Loan Features: Conventional, Fast Approval, Unsecured
Employment: GLC Employee, Government Employee, Pensioner, Private Sector Employee, Self Employed
Minimum Yearly Income: RM24000
Age Eligibility: 21 to 60 Years Old
Hong Leong Personal Loan

Hong Leong Personal loan is an unsecured conventional personal financing plan from Hong Leong Bank Berhad. Targeted at private sector and self-employed Malaysians, Hong Leong Personal Loan offered financing amount from RM5,000 and RM250,000 for 2 years to 7 years of financing tenure. HLB Personal Loan offer several attractive features such as loan approval within 48 hours, zero processing fee and zero early termination fee.

Hong Leong Personal Loan Features

Some of the attractive features of Hong Leong Personal Loan by Hong Leong Bank Berhad.

  • Flexible financing amount
    Financing amount starts from RM5,000 up to RM250,000.
  • Flexible financing tenure
    Financing tenure for Hong Leong Personal Loan is 2 years to 7 years.
  • Variable profit rates
    Hong Leong Personal Loan offers variable profit rate from 9% to 13.5% p.a.
  • 48 Hours Approval
    One of the best features of Hong Leong Personal Loan is 48 hours approval after application.
  • 100% Disbursement
    Unlike other bank’s personal loan in Malaysia, Hong Leong does not charge any processing fee upon loan approval. However, there is a 0.5% stamp duty fee.
  • No early settlement charges
    There are no early settlement charges if you decide to pay the full amount earlier than the agreed tenure.
  • No early termination fee
    Hong Leong does not charge any early termination fee if you decided to pay off your loan earlier than the agreement.

Requirements & Eligibility

Below are the requirements to apply for Hong Leong Personal Loan

General requirements

  • Malaysian PR
  • Age between 21 and 60 years old.
  • Minimum monthly income is RM2,000, or minimum annual income is RM24,000.
  • Not blacklisted by AEON or any other banks in Malaysia.
  • Not under Special Attention Account (SAA) – Pemerhatian Khas.
  • Not under the Debt Management Programme by AKPK.

For government employee

  • Work status is permanent.

For private employee

  • Have been working for more than 6 months with the employee.
  • Able to provide 6 months or more EPF statement.

For self-employed

  • Registered business with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) for more than 1 year.
  • Registered bank’s current account.

Not eligible to apply?

If you didn't meet the requirements to apply, you can use our "Check Eligibity Form" to find the best personal financing plan for you.

Documents Needed

Since Hong Leong Personal Loan is open to all Malaysians, documents will vary according to your employment.

Government Employee

  1. Original copy of NRIC.
  2. Latest 3 month’s salary slip.
  3. Latest 3 month’s salary crediting bank statement.

Private/GLC Employee

  1. Copy of NRIC (front and back).
  2. Latest 3 months salary slips.
  3. Latest 3 months bank account statement (salary credited).
  4. Latest 6 months EPF(KWSP) statement.


  1. Copy of NRIC (front and back).
  2. Business Registration Certificate.
  3. Latest 6 months current account statements
  4. Latest BE Form/BE e-Form with valid tax payment receipt.

Documents required to apply for Hong Leong Personal Loan is standard as with other personal financings in Malaysia.

Repayment Schedule/Plan

Below is the repayment schedule for Hong Leong Personal Loan

Repayment Schedule Notice

Charges & Fees

As have been stated earlier, Hong Leong does not impose any processing fee for Hong Leong Personal Loan financing. However, there will be a stamp duty fee of 0.5% upon loan disbursement.

Also, there no early termination fee. However, you will have to inform Hong Leong Bank with a 3 months written notice or 3 months interest payments on the amount redeemed.

A late penalty fee for any amounts in arrears is 1% p.a.

How to Apply


Before applying, make sure you have read the Requirements & Eligibility section above. There's no point in applying if you are not eligible to apply for this loan.

You can apply for Hong Leong Personal Loan by visiting the nearest Hong Leong Bank branch in Malaysia. Once you have submitted your application, Hong Leong will provide you with the result within 48 hours after application.

Loan disbursement will take around 24-48 hours after approval.

You can also apply Hong Leong Personal Loan online from the comfort of your home or office using BankBazaar service. It’s free and in some cases you will get quicker result with higher approval rate. Read more below.

Apply Hong Leong Personal Loan with BBazaar

Do you know you can apply Hong Leong Personal Loan through BBazaar? The process is 100% online without you having to leave your office or home.

Just submit your name, phone number and BBazaar will call you within 24 hours and guide you through the application process. Did I mention that the process is 100% Free of Charge?

If you would like a hassle-free Hong Leong Personal Loan application, give BBazaar a try. Click APPLY NOW button and apply for Hong Leong Personal Loan through BBazaar right now.

After clicking the button, you will be redirected to BBazaar website. Click the “Check Eligibility” button to proceed with your application.

Hong Leong Personal Loan Review

Hong Leong Personal Loan is an attractive personal financing plan from Hong Leong Bank Berhad. One of the most attractive features of this loan is 48 hours approval after application. Hong Leong Personal Loan also offers full disbursement and do not impose any processing charges or early settlement fee. With financing amount up to RM250,000 – Hong Leong Personal Loan is the on to consider if you are looking for a quick and high financing amount.

Hong Leong Personal Loan


  • High financing amounts up to RM250,000.
  • Financing tenure up to 7 years.
  • 48 hours approval.
  • Full disbursement.
  • No early termination fees.


  • Only for private sector and self-employed.
  • Minimum financing amount start from RM5,000.

Our Rating


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