Maybank Personal Financings Added to The Mix

Maybank personal financing

We have added Maybank personal financings plan to our personal loan in Malaysia list. Both Maybank Personal Loan and Maybank Islamic Personal Financing-i offers easy to apply with fast approval durations. Both of these personal financing schemes from Maybank Group is available to all Malaysians with PR status.

Maybank Personal Loan vs. Maybank Islamic Personal Financing-i

Maybank Personal Loan is a conventional personal financing plan from Maybank, meanwhile Maybank Islamic Personal Financing-i is an Islamic personal financing from Maybank Islamic. Both of these personal loans offer similar features — interest-rate and profit-rate, financing amount, financing tenure, requirements and documents.

One of the attractive features for both of these Maybank personal financing is zero fee. Maybank or Maybank Islamic will not incur any charges for processing or stamp duty. That means you will get full disbursement for both of these loans. The late penalty fee will apply for both.

However, there is an early termination fee for Maybank Personal Loan. Maybank will impose an early termination fee of RM200 or 3% of the remaining loan (whichever is higher).

So if you if you want to pay off your loan earlier in the future, you might want to choose Maybank Islamic Personal Financing-i instead of Maybank Personal Loan.

More Info & How to Apply

We have included details information for Maybank Personal Loan and Maybank Islamic Personal Financing-i on our Personal Loan in Malaysia section. You can find out more about both of these loans there, and find out the easiest way to apply without visiting any of the Maybank branches.

Click here for Maybank Personal Loan or Click here for Maybank Personal Financing-i.

I suggest you read the information on both of these Maybank personal financing. Compare them and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can also check out other personal loans offering from other banks in Malaysia in the Personal Loan section.




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