HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad

HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad is the largest foreign bank in Malaysia and was incorporated in in 1994. The bank is a wholly-owned by HSBC Groups, a subsidiary of HSBC Holding plc which is based in London. HSBC Holdings plc is the seventh largest bank in the world.

HSBC stands for The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.

HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad is one of the financial institutions in Malaysia which operate under the concept of Islamic banking since 2007 – under HSBC Amanah Malaysia Berhad. In fact, one-third of HSBC branches throughout Malaysia offer Islamic banking to its customers.

Besides Islamic banking, HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad provides a wide range of banking products and services for individuals and commercial. Some of the personal financing products by HSBC are HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance, credit card, debit card, personal financing, housing loan, foreign exchange, and investment.

HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
No. 2, Leboh Ampang, Peti Surat 10244, 50912 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1300 88 1388
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HSBC Amanah Personal Financing-i

personal financing by HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad for GLC Employee, Government Employee, Pensioner, Private Sector Employee, Self Employed with financing amount from RM6000 to RM150000 and loan tenure up to 7 years.
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